Indian football reflects the hue of the rising sun, not yet visible, but coming up to light up the world.

In a land of cricket admirers, football was a path that few saw as an aspiring career, and those who did, were plainly given no heed.

There is no doubt that football fans are found in every nook and corner of the country, but Indian football was a term that was frowned upon by people in the past who felt that potential and exposure were too low in India.

The AIFF, the all India football federation, hence established the Indian Super League in 2013, and promotions were made all over, which shifted the attention slightly towards this growing sport in India.

Now, stadiums are overflowing their capacities, people are spending to watch their countrymen in the field, and another emerging sport is being witnessed with full enthusiasm.

Till a few years back, The Indian team was 173rd in the FIFA rankings, and as the fans grew, so did their efficiency. They reached an all-time high of 93, a record that had been held since February 1996, when India had reached 94.

Even though they slipped out of the top 100 recently, hashtags like #FanbannaPadhega have inspired people to support Indian Football in every way possible, and as a new coach has been appointed, a man who made it far as a player, with a reputation well earned, a revival is being sensed.

Igor Stimac is known for giving opportunities to young and fresh talents and has said that he took up the opportunity to coach India as he believed that India was a “sleeping giant” in international football, and honestly, we couldn’t agree more.